Business Consulting


We can assist our clients in the implementation of the International Financial Report Standards (IFRS) and also assist them define the criteria to be adopt upon implementation.


Our Corporate Advisory Department has extensive experience in "joint ventures", associations, inheritance, holding companies, taking part of and mediating disputes in corporate solutions, aiming at the best legal solutions with are also tax viable.

Among others, we emphasize the following services:

• Starting a business;

• Spin-offs;

• Mergers;

• Acquisitions;

• Transformations;

• Minutes of meetings;

• Contracts and amendments;

• Articles of Association;

• Tax Books;

• Services with public agencies.

We also assist companies in startup phase, assisting in the process of creating the company, definition of accounting and tax practices, establishment of charts of accounts and controls over assets.


Our Managing Consulting services in companies involve activities such as:

• Economic evaluation of projects;

• Elaboration and development of financing and investment projects with the government entities;

• IT consulting;

• Financial consulting;

• Managing accounting;

• Business diagnostics;

• Implementation of economic and financial budget;

• Implementation of cost systems in industrial, commercial, service companies and sugar and alcohol companies;

• Development of systems to report results to present value ("cash basis");

• Planning and organizational development;

• Management information systems;

• Systems and administrative methods.

In addition, we are able to provide support for companies in developing, which scale of operation does not entail an admission of skilled executives, among others, the following areas: management accounting, preparation and analysis of financial statements and management information, economic planning, financial and tax planning, costs and budgets and implementation of administrative systems.


Aiming at the constant improvement of its results, we found that companies in general have been seeking for greater professional development of their teams through specific training programs.

Therefore, we are able to offer these companies lectures and courses for the discussion of current issues relating to the areas of controllership, finance and tax managing.